What defines Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Montenegro?

Dubrovnik originates from VII century, but some new researches show that the city was founded even much earlier. Such a long history of the town has ensured that the town is very rich with cultural heritage. The most prominent parts of the town are Stradun – the main pedestrian street, palaces, museums, churches, walls, fortresses and other monuments that cannot leave any visitor without emotions. Through the history, as well as in present times, Dubrovnik is a city of famous sailors, merchants, craftsmen, explorers, poets, artists and scientists.

is often referred as one of Europe’s best kept secrets, undiscovered and unspoiled destination in Europe. But, there’s much more than that! It is unique link between wild beauties of nature and richness of culture and heritage, mixed together on such a small space! Tiny country is located in the heart of the Mediterranean, and apart from dramatic Adriatic coastline and magnificent mountains, it features many other diverse landscapes, from lakes to rivers and canyons, all a few hours drive from each other. It has rich and long history, and you will be amazed by new things that you will learn!

Why choose Dubrovnik and Montenegro as MICE destination?

When you plan to organize an event, conference or incentive trip, you must keep in mind two things:

1) which place will offer all that you need for a completely successful incentive?

2) which place is fascinating and memorable, to make ever-lasting impression on all participants?

We can guarantee that both - Dubrovnik and Montenegro are breathtaking. We also guarantee that Dubrovnik and Montenegro are different. You will discover that Europe indeed has a hidden spots, worth of visiting.

Location, facilities and access:

is widely known as the “ Pearl of the Adriatic” because of its high standards of the tourist offer and a rich culture and heritage. Dubrovnik Airport (Croatia) is also only about 20 minutes from Montenegrin border.

Montenegro is experiencing dramatic growth in tourism during several last years. Since re-gaining independence in 2006, infrastructure is being modernized, new hotels built, roads and airports rebuilt. Air access is through two international airports – Podgorica (capital) and Tivat (coast). It takes around 2h to fly to Montenegro, from most European cities.

What can you expect to see? (*a list of locations for possible visits)

With several breath-taking tours you will be able to discover some of the following natural jewels:

islands on the Adriatic sea, near Dubrovnik

- second greatest canyon in the world - Canyon of Tara River

- one of the three last pre-historic woods in Europe - Biogradsko Lake

- the biggest lake in South-Eastern Europe and largest bird preserve in Europe (and bird-watching paradise) - Skadar Lake

- beautiful bay and southernmost fjord in Europe - Bay of Kotor, under UNESCO protection

- Durmitor mountain and its lakes, site under Unesco protection

- one of the longest beaches in this part of Mediterranean - Grand beach in Ulcinj (13 km)

- smallest European Royal Capital from 19th and 20th century - Cetinje, full of old embassies and institutions, Mount of Lovcen - with monument to the greatest Montenegrin poet - Njegos

- Budva, 2.500 years old town, and Sveti Stefan, world-famous peninsula (luxury resort)

- Old towns and palaces in the Boka bay area, Perast, Kotor, under Unesco world heritage protection, Roman mosaics in Risan, two church - islands, town of Herceg Novi (border with Croatia)

- Ulcinj, famous old pirate town (poet Servantes was captured there), and Ada Bojana, island naturist resort

- Old town of Bar – ruins from Roman and Ottoman Empire, mixed together with beautiful aqueduct

- Duklja (Doclea) - ruins of Roman settlement near capital city of Podgorica

- Monasteries visits - world famous Ostrog Monastery (all religions come to pray there), Moraca Monastery from 14th century, churches on islands of Skadar Lake, and on Adriatic coast

- Beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro

- Magnificent mountains in northern Montenegro, ski resorts in winter

- Lakes throughout Montenegro (Hridsko Lake, Plavsko Lake, Sasko Lake, Pivsko Lake etc)

What can you and your group do in Dubrovnik and Montenegro?

Apart from standard meetings and incentive program(s), we can offer you a wide range of activities that will make your stay in Montenegro memorable.

- Dubrovnik activities. Cruising on replicas of old ships and touring islands around Dubrovnik with arranged entertainment and dinner. Visiting Cavtat and small villages near Dubrovnik to discover traditional way of life.

- touring the old Kingdom of Montenegro. Visit to Cetinje, former royal capital, with a unique museum housed in a former King’s palace that provide an intimate window on the lives of 19th century European royalty. Ride through old road from Austrian-Hungarian Empire, and climb to top of Montenegrin most famous mountain – Lovcen. View the large portion of Montenegrin territory, from the top, as well as coast of Italy, when the weather conditions permit. Discover why Montenegro is called „sea of rocks“.

- unlimited recreational possibilities. For sport lovers, from easy-going to extreme sport activities. Montenegro is a paradise for sailing, diving, paragliding, kayaking, hiking, windsurfing, mountain biking, horse-riding etc. All the activities are done in beutiful natural resorts, with possibility to organize team building games and similar group activities. For easy-going recreation, we can organize bird-watching on lakes and islands, or simply an easy walk through the woods of national parks and sandy beaches...

- excursions with dinner. Discover town of Kotor, listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Experience a boat ride on the Europe’s southernmost fjord, with stunning mountains around you. Visit charming little town of Perast, with baroque palaces from famous world sailors. Try out coastal cuisine of Montenegro, with healthy sea food and local specialties.

- boat cruising on the Skadar Lake. Biggest lake in South-Eastern Europe has little fortified islands, diverse flora and fauna, and represents marvelous way to spend a relaxing day with sound of birds. See picturesque villages on the lake shores, with traditional Montenegrin stone houses and fishermen catching the fish that you can taste later in the afternoon. Try best Montenegrin wines in this wine-famous region.

- continental Montenegro. To discover other side of this beautiful county, we will take you away from the sunny coast. But don’t be afraid – mountains are just behind, and full of sunshine, as well! This program suits specially to nature lovers and those who want to run from warm climate during summer months. We can organize rafting for your group (from safe to more extreme modes) in the amazing Tara River Canyon. This is second greatest canyon in the world, and the river water is so pure that you can drink from it! Apart from rafting we offer exciting jeep tours on the green hills and mountains that will show you the regions where globalization still didn’t changed the landscape.

Our programs for Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Montenegro:

Sterkmans Events offers you a unique possibility to discover Montenegro and Croatia. Our programs are diverse, and depend on number of days that your group plans to stay. From a minimum 2 day incentive program in a jewel city of Mediterranean – Dubrovnik, to 3, 4 or 5 stay in both countries. We can arrange arrival in Dubrovnik (international airport), with an orientation in this beautiful town. The next day, the group will depart for Montenegro, and stay in town of Budva for the remaining days. With a full program (including any of activities listed above), the group will depart from capital of Montenegro – Podgorica.

We have the possibility to design the program that suits specially to the needs of your company. Feel free to ask any questions regarding tailored group programs, and all demands will be answered promptly.

After visiting us, we guarantee that M.I.C.E. will have another meaning to you – Montenegro Is Completely Exciting !



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