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Shooting with the cross bow

Pubs & Beers - walk & workshop

All about chocolate

Our interactive chocolate workshop “Belgian Chocolates”

“Best of Belgian Beers” (workshop)

Workshop fencing (indoor)

"Discovering Brussels & Belgian beers” *new

A guided visit of the Solvay Mansion (Art Nouveau landmark)

Beer tour (city centre)

Dansaert district (Brussels)






Date :
to agree

Duration: +- 60’

We will welcome you at one of the oldest Belgian corporations, officially recognised in 1213 by the Duke of Brabant and is intimately linked with the earliest history of the town of Brussels.

It acquired a social position, that grew throughout the “Ancien Régime”, in particular because of its founding of the church of Notre-dame au Sablon.
The martial role of the Guild diminished little by little, to give way to peaceful tests of skill, to which important notabilities were invited.
Charles V, the Count of Egmont and the Infanta Isabella came to be installed as ‘Kings of the Shoot’.
In 1853, the Belgian King Leopold the first, donated the Guild a banner and a collar for the King of the Shoot. Since then, the Guild added ‘Royal et Noble’ to its name.
King Albert I, King Leopold III, King Bauduin and King Albert II visited the Guild or accepted the Grand Mastership. King Philip accepted recently.

Program: welcome, initiation & drink (beer, coffee, tea or soft drink), contest (in team or individual). The best shooter receives a souvenir offered by the President of the Guild.

price: on demand

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Pubs & Beers WALK & WORKSHOP 

The perfect preparation for your own
Brussels' pub crawl !

Date: to agree.
Total duration: + - 2h15

Maximum 25 participants/group & 2 groups simultaneous.

Location: Brussels City centre

The walk: where are the best pubs in town?

Discover where are the most cosy, crazy, classy pubs in the city centre.

The workshop:

- tasting of 4 artisan beers (16 ml glasses)

- what is the difference between monk beers, abbey beers, lagers, amber, different fermentations

- reasons for serving beer in adapted glasses, etc...

Price: on request.  

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organized for a select group of 6-8 participants


The introduction:

- the history of chocolate in a few anecdotes

- the production of cocoa et the transformation

- quick tour to the Grand'Place & Royal Galleries focused on the different chocolate makers

- tasting of one 'praline' from de 3 different chocolate makers

The exclusive workshop in the Royal Galleries, supervised by a master chocolate maker:

- producing and decorating a chocolate bar

- producing 'cat fingers'

- decorating chocolates

- chocolate tasting

- how to store chocolates ?

- at the end: pack nicely your own production

Price: on request
Total duration: +- 2 hours


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The workshop will be presented by a Master Chocolate maker personally, who will let you discover all stadiums of producing one praline.

They will have the opportunity to make their own type of chocolate ! Liquid chocolate, casting-moulds, stuffing, packing….

Participants are able to take home the results of their work !

Where ? Brussels City Centre, next to the Central Station.
When? To agree.

Duration: +- 1 hour.
Languages: French, Dutch or English (please indicate with your reservation)
maximum 50p per workshop.

PRICE: on demand.



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“Best of Belgian Beers” - WORKSHOP

Date: to agree.
+ - 1h

Maximum 60 participants.

Location: center Brussels City or Marolles / Saint-Gilles / Ixelles / Schaerbeek.


Some elements of the workshop:

- tasting of 4 artisan beers (16 ml glasses)

-tasting beers = look, smell, taste, drink

-what is the difference between monk beers, abbay beers, lagers, amber, different fermentations

-why to serve beer in adapted glasses, etc...


Languages: in French, English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek (to be defined at the time of the reservation).

Price : on request.


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A guided visit of the Solvay Mansion

(UNESCO World Heritage Site)

The Hotel Solvay mansion in Brussels

What we are talking about is, without any shadow of doubt, one of Europe's rare gems of Art Nouveau, whose external and internal architecture complement each other in perfect harmony.

Everything in this edifice takes the breath away: the central staircase illuminated by magnificent working in glass ... the wrought iron ... the chandeliers ... the fireplaces and wall-linings with overlapping outlines.

The Solvay Hotel reflects the attention to detail and the studied care that Victor Horta brought to this complete work.

The Solvay Hotel is owned privately and is closed to the public !

Duration of the visit: 1 hour

On demand: ‘Art Nouveau dinner’ or ‘Art Nouveau City Tour’ (price & proposal on request)

Languages: in English, French, Russian, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish, Italian or German.

Maximum 60p (3 groups)/hour

Price: on demand

© OPT - J.P. Remy

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"Discovering Brussels & Belgian beers"

Date: to agree
Departure between 11:00 and 20:00.

Total duration:
+- 2h to 2h30min
Meeting point Central Station, Royal Galleries, Place de Brouckère or another location (to agree).

Discover Brussels by walking (with the guide)

This guided walk 'general touristic" or with the 'beer & special pubs' as the theme, takes place in the popular triangle between St Hubertus galleries, Grand Place, the Ilot Sacré and Manneken-Pis…(duration about 1.5h)

Discover beers (in a unique way)   You’ll get a chance to choose between more than 40 types of beer that you can tap yourself. The quantity you drink is counted by the magnetic card which will be provided to each participant at the end of the nice walk.

Each participant chooses alone what he/she drinks and how much he/she drinks, 3, 5 or 10 centiliter ....
This is not only the opportunity to taste various beers, but a chance for participants to share their experiences, take photographs of the tap where the beer in question is described in 6 languages so that it can be ordered or bought later in the supermarket ...

This is a really authentic experience and networking opportunity (Duration: 45' or more?!)

Minimum 5p, maximum 25p per group.


Languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Italian or Spanish.
Price: on request

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Workshop fencing (indoor)

You will be introduced to one of the oldest Olympic Sports. During the workshop combatants will learn all the basics required to elicit numerous calls of “touché”. First safety, footwork, and basic technique: the parry, riposte, feint, and more bouts will take place so skills can be refined. Now we are ready to fight a duel. First an individual competition followed by a team competition.

Fencing involves attack and defence, action and reaction, technique and tactics in one unforgettable activity!

Combining the unexpected and unknown with an active and exciting game is what makes this activity an unforgettable experience!

Total duration: 2.5 hours

- One drink/participant is included in our price.
- Participants need to bring with them/ wear: T-shirt, (long) pair of trousers, sport shoes and a (small) towel or cloth.
All the necessary equipment for the workshop is provided (mask, fence, gloves) and in the price included.
- Date & hour: to agree.
- Venue: Ixelles (near Rue du Trône/ Chaussée de Wavre), maximum capacity is 20p.
- More participants or with lunch or dinner: offer on demand.
- Final number of participants to indicate 5 days before.

Price: on request.

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The Beer Tour & Tasting - "BEST OF BELGIAN BEERS"

Date: to agree
+ - 2h – 2h1/2
between 10h00 and 19h30, to agree
from 5 to 25 people
Possibility of organizing several groups at the same time.

We organize a themed walk with as subject ‘Beer’ in the city centre in interactive way and gustatory, of course!

- departure from your hotel or seminarcenter (towncentre)

- different (small) walks accompanied by a guide to Manneken-Pis, the Town square (Grand’Place) and the Royal Gallery Saint-Hubert.

- Halfway: tasting of 6 different beers with comment of our guide and accompanied with an assortment of Belgian cheese.

- return to your Hotel (centre town)

Languages: in French, English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Greek or in Dutch (to be defined at the time of the reservation).

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Dansaert District (Brussels)

Meeting point: Main entrance Parking 58 (in front of the Hotel Novotel Tour Noire)

Short visit to the Dansaert district (duration 1h).
Exclusive visit (with guide) of a private family art collection of contemporary art containing works from the 1970s until today. It thus offers the possibility to confront works from emerging young artists with those of more established artists by whom they were inspired. A selection of art works from the collection in the three storey exhibition space (duration 1,5h).

For this presentation, the founder and patron of the collection – the former building contractor Walter Vanhaerents – joined forces with Emma Dexter, who in recent years has curated widely acclaimed shows for ICA and Tate Modern.
In the Project Room the Vanhaerents Art Collection organizes yearly a solo exhibition of an artist whose work is represented in the collection.

The film Marilyn conjures up Marilyn Monroe through a phantasmagoric séance in a suite at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York, where she lived in the 50s. It reproduces Monroe’s presence by means of three algorithms: the camera becomes her eyes, a computer reconstructs the prosody of her voice and a robot recreates her handwriting. The Hollywood icon is carnated in an image that is in fact an automaton, something resembling a human, and yet not quite real.

Languages: in English, French or Dutch.

Price: on demand


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